June 14, 2007

Under The Radar: Dai-Nipponjin

Though it will probably be a good deal longer before U.S. audiences get the chance to see Dai-Nipponjin (it only recently premiered in its native Japan), if the ecstatic early word is any indication, Hitoshi Matsumoto's absurdist mockumentary, an official selection at this years Cannes Film Festival (in the Directors' Fortnight section), is a film that should be on your radar.

The plot follows a struggling, working-class man who also happens to be "an electrically charged, skyscraper-high superhero saddled with misfortune, bad press and even worse TV ratings." The film's official site is fully functional, and with a bit of digging, you can find a trailer. Although it isn't subtitled, it really communicates the odd, dry sense of humor. This is certainly something I will be following. Films like this are an especially good reason to own a region free DVD player.

Official Site

Japan Times

*"Under The Radar" is an ongoing series highlighting lesser known/lower profile films (old and new alike) that I haven't yet seen, but, based on other factors (what I have read/the talent involved, etc...), seem interesting and of merit. Hopefully, this will spark interest/awareness in these films and lead to discussion.

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