October 31, 2007

Day Of The Dead (Romero, 1985)

"The darkest day of horror the world has ever known."

I was simply unprepared for just how good Day of the Dead is. It was the only "Dead" film I hadn't seen before, and its reputation lagged far behind that of Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, so i had always written it off as the least of Romero's "Dead" trilogy. But watching it immediately following a repeat viewing of Dawn... If this film isn't the equal of those first two masterpieces, it isn't that far behind. Since its disastrous release in 1985, Day of the Dead has been picking up steam, and a strong critical following. Let me assure you, this isn't simply wishful revisionism, it is happening for a reason.

Film Rating: A-
Scare Factor: C+

View Date: 10/30
Shocktober Horror Film Count: #30

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