October 31, 2007

Dawn Of The Dead (Romero, 1978)

"When there's no more room in HELL, the dead will walk the EARTH."

Dawn of the Dead, the second, and certainly most popular installment in Romero's "Dead" series is another masterpiece of horror, every bit the equal of Night of the Living Dead. There's something about the aesthetics of the film, the late 70's style evidenced in the Monroeville mall's cavernous interior (both vast and claustrophobic at the same time), that I really love. And amidst the horror and sadness, there is a playful quality to Romero's film that is absent in every other "Dead" film. Another enduring classic.

Film Rating: A+
Scare Factor: C

View Date: 10/30
Shocktober Horror Film Count: #29

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