October 28, 2007

Society (Yuzna, 1989)

"It is a matter of good breeding. Really."

Certainly not the cult sleeper many seem to think it is, Society fails to live up to the potential of it's premise (an examination of the dark underbelly of upper class Beverly Hills society) simply because director Brian Yuzna and company think their film is far more clever than it actually is. The satire isn't quite as scathing, intelligent, or witty as it could have been, and the infamous special effects, while certainly still repugnant, are quite obvious. Still, it is an interesting and disturbing film, though it isn't hard to see why it has remained an "unknown" film in the genre.

Film Rating: C+
Scare Factor: C

View Date: 10/27
Shocktober Horror Film Count: #24

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