July 25, 2007

M (Lang, 1931)

Only the second Lang film I have seen (the other being Lang's equally masterful though completely different Metropolis), thus my limited knowledge of Lang's particular themes and motivations precludes me from undertaking a more extratextual analysis. In this case however, the film's 117 minutes are so dense (with symbolism, cinematic technique, aesthetics, meaning) a more hermetic analysis doesn't seem restricting in the least. Upon first viewing, I am struck by the incredibly modern sensibility that runs throughout, and the deft combination of procedural, social message and ironically least of all thriller. It is amazing that this was Lang's first sound film. A work that surely stands the test of time, and worthy of every bit of effusive praise it has received. Easily one of the greatest films of all time. A masterpiece. IMDb listing. Detailed thoughts soon...

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