April 27, 2007

Come Drink With Tarantino?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Quentin Tarantino's next film could be a remake of The Shaw Brothers production Come Drink With Me, directed by the great King Hu. The news was dropped in an announcement by the Weinstein Co. regarding their plans to invest heavily in producing and acquiring Asian cinema. I haven't yet seen Hu's film, but it is considered an early masterpiece of the martial arts genre. It concerns a young woman who is sent to free an imprisoned official who happens to be her brother. Of course, any news pertaining to Tarantino's upcoming films should be taken with a grain of salt, knowing his penchant for announcing every single idea that comes into his head as a possible project. If this film does come to pass though, it would seem a logical next step for Tarantino, whose past couple of films have been veiled remakes in a sense.

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