April 11, 2007

A Pair of Literary Adaptations from Herzog and Roeg

Wow, talk about exciting news. Two of my favorite filmmakers, Werner Herzog and the under appreciated Nicolas Roeg, have new features coming up.

Herzog's film is based on Carlo Ginzburg's book, The Cheese and the Worms. The project already has a website, where you can download a synopsis and the complete screenplay. No release date is set.

Roeg's film is based on the Fay Weldon novel Puffball. The plot summary on IMDb sounds intruiging:

"Powerful supernatural forces are unleashed when a young architect (Kelly Reilly) becomes pregnant after moving to an isolated and mysterious valley to build a house. And when the neighbouring farmers take against the unborn child, it's her very survival that is threatened."

Even more exciting is the fact that the project reteams Roeg with Donald Sutherland. The two previously worked together on Don't Look Now (1973), one of the best films of the 1970's, and a personal favorite. Puffball looks to have its premiere in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

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