May 13, 2007

Cannes 2007: Hark + Lam + To = Triangle

When multiple directors are involved with one project, the result is usually an anthology film, with each director contributing a self-contained narrative. Thus, the central conceit of Triangle, having three directors tackle separate thirds of the same narrative, is already fascinating. When those three directors happen to be Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam, and arguably the best Asian director working today, Johnnie To, Triangle moves from being fascinating to being a must-see. Here is a plot synopsis from distributor Celluloid Dreams:
"Life has not been kind to drinking buddies Sam, Fai, and Mok as they struggle to make ends meet. That is until one stormy evening a mysterious old man appears before them in a bar with a 'get rich quick' scheme: An ancient treasure is buried under a high-security Government Building. All they have to do is slip in and retrieve it, if they believe his story.

The friends agree to make a run for the treasure and test their fate but what they uncover is far beyond anything they
had dreamt of: An ancient coffin containing a ceremonial robe made of gold. According to Mok, who deals antiques, the robe is worth millions. The thought of getting rich puts the men's friendship to the ultimate test as all three are plagued with uncontrollable thoughts of greed.

The treasure, however, also attracts the attention of Ling, whose
marriage to Sam is on the verge of collapse, and who plans to steal the robe and run away with her secret lover. Gangsters from the mainland are also hot on their heels. It seems that everybody wants to get their hands on the treasure. Whoever has the strength and outright determination to survive this struggle will become the owner. Between survival, wealth and friendship, Sam, Fai and Mok will ultimately have to make a choice…

The first film ever to be shot in the style of the game 'exquisite corpse' with the three undisputed masters of Hong Kong cinema."

Triangle will have its premiere "out of competition" at the Cannes Film Festival. Currently, there is no trailer out, but when one surfaces I will post it here.

For a taste of what these three can do within the confines of the crime genre, check out Hark's excessively stylish Time and Tide, Lam's iconic City on Fire, and just about anything To has done in the past ten years (but especially The Mission, Election and Election II).

More stills @ Celluloid Dreams (click on "Triangle", and then "downloads")

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