May 7, 2007

On "List Making"

Lists have always been a curious animal to me. In the realm of cinema, though lists are ubiquitous, especially come awards time, to a certain extent they will always feel unnecessarily reductive and restrictive. But there is one positive aspect of lists and the process of list making. The "list," whether it be of the best films of 1953, or of something as seemingly inane as the best late 80's body-swap comedies, provides a quick reference guide for readers, and a small window into the particular identity of the "list maker." The world of film is so vast that sometimes it is nice to be able to glance at a distillation of a particular year or genre. With this in mind, I have decided to join the fray and begin posting my personal lists. My plan is to unveil a list every two weeks or so, beginning with the best films of 2006. All of the lists will be indexed in the "Lists" sidebar. Of course, I look at lists as constantly evolving organisms, open to revision at any time, and I will update my lists accordingly. Hopefully, these lists will inform, and inspire your cinematic choices!

1 comment:

cinebeats said...

I can understand your problem with lists. they tend to get on my nerves and when I make them myself I can never follow the rules. My recent list of favorite Spaghetti Westerns really turned into a Top 16 instead of a Tip 10 by the time I got done with it.

The horror writer Clive Barker once told me (during a writing class I took from him) that he hated lists. He thought they were a waste of time since they were subject to change at any moment, which is very true.

Once I see more Spaghetti Westerns I'm sure my list will change.