May 2, 2007

Michael Mann Goes Noir

Looks like Michael Mann has decided on his next film, which is being described as a big-budget "untitled noir drama that takes place on the old MGM lot in the 1930s." According to Variety, the director recently submitted the untitled script, by Aviator scribe John Logan, to studios, and a bidding war for the rights to the film is expected. The film is intended to be a vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio, who will play "the kind of private detective studios once relied on to clean up the scandals created by its stars." L.A. Confidential via Mann is a truly intriguing prospect, and it's nice to see that he is still getting the proper respect from Hollywood after the flop that was Miami Vice, a criminally underrated film that deserved far better. I'm also really anticipating the collaboration between Mann and DiCaprio, someone whom I initially dismissed, but who has proven himself to be a very strong actor.

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